An exceptionally attractive leisure offer awaits you!

There is a lot to discover and experience around the Gasthof Isernhagen. Hiking and wonderful excursions can be done here in every season, but especially in the summer months, the Lüneburg Heath with its many leisure activities is an ideal travel and excursion destination.The Gasthof Isernhagen is close to many easily accessible sights and attractions. Easy to reach by bicycle from us is, for example, the wildlife park Nindorf, which is very popular with children and adults, and where 120 species of wild animals can be admired in their natural environment. A special highlight are the birds of prey shows, which take place twice a day and show eagles, owls, hawks, buzzards and vultures in flight. Also interesting is a visit to the barefoot park Egestorf, where you as a visitor can make completely new experiences while running without shoes and stockings. You are also fast in the outdoor pool Salzhausen or in the water park "The Island" in Winsen/Luhe. Here, water rats get their money's worth. Another worthwhile destination for water and sauna enthusiasts is the "SaLü", the salt spa in Lüneburg, which combines sports and sauna facilities and offers a wide range of health services. Or take a trip to the thermal spring in soltau, which offers a large bathing and sauna area as well as a children's water park and a giant slide. Nearby you will also find the “Heidepark Soltau”, Germany's second largest leisure and amusement park, which attracts more than 1.5 million visitors every year. In the vicinity of our Gasthof Isernhagen is also the kart track and the “Snow Dome” Bispingen. Ride fast-paced races or visit the extraordinary winterworld that awaits you in Bispingen during the summer months. What could be better than having a snowball fight in the shade at 40°C and cooling off a bit?